A Huge Concern Over Web: Music Download

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Internet has come to change everything that once relations used to be lied on. Since Internet had invaded homes, the daily life has never been the same again. Internet changed the family's habits, the culture and the way someone sees the world. Music is just a part of this change.

Regarding to music, this issue is even more complicated. People now can prepare their own CDs by downloading music from the Internet. And this has become another problematic thing that has contributed to increase the piracy.

The music download problem lies on two issues:

- If people can have access to the most varied types of music, they can have a better idea of a particular artist's material, they can find out singers they had never heard of and get their CDs even this.


About Inertia Record Group

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So you are a singer, a band or a musician and want to promote and sell your music online.

Well ... Congrats! You are in the right place.

For those who ask, Inertia Record Group is not a Record Label.
We help singers and musicians to spread into the world wide web their sounds and their voices. We provide high level promotional campaigns and professional technical assistance in any phase of your online debut at the lowest prices.

With the increase in internet usage throughout the world and the easy availability of internet based tools and software, you can now record a professional sounding record in a home based studio or promote yourself through many websites, providing free resources and tools to showcase your music.

We know them all and we know how to fully benefit from them at your own advantage!